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06 August 2008 @ 02:25 pm
Holy Moly have I been busy! I've made another 42 icons for 100_vampire lol. I have a few teasers below, and a link to the rest.

Icon Teasers:

(Mirareru no?)
29 July 2008 @ 08:17 am
So....I know certain people will make fun of me for this post, but I don't care XD Most of these icons use the manga from the recent Gaia Rejected Olympics that were held last week. I must say, even though Durem (my team) came in second, I had a lot of fun with the mini games. SO in the spirit of things, I made a crapload of simple icons :3 Please comment and credit if you take/use!


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28 July 2008 @ 11:06 pm
Yes hiya guys! i wanted to update today and i saw everyone's updates pouring in O__O actually i have something to announce. Sorry guys , i think i will have to leavve this group , this great group. Why? my offline world is catching up already , next year is my last year in secondary/high school. i seriously need alot of studies + i neglected this place? (+ my site too)

thus i want to keep my radius small. its not that i hate the group , i love it , i cant bear to leave , but i have to. perhaps someday i might come back. its hard to say but maybe. So to my team mebers , thanks for inviting me in , i know i did not really do a good job in here + its stupid of me to leave like this? (you guys could remove me already i guess)

hmm.. anyway lets brighten up the spirits with some icons i made! :D enjoy!

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really , love you guys all :D
28 July 2008 @ 04:53 am
well....update again...
[8] Gundam SEED Destiny
[6] Death Note
[10] D.Gray-man
[7] Box Office

total 31

sorry..this time my graphic aren't like usually.....i know my graphic in this post are a bit weird....
but...i promise i'll be better next time..
and i also still preparing something for you are...just wait 3months again XDD *no way, it's to long*...


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Okay...my rules:
1. Credit if used, don't claim my graphics by yourself
2. Comments are lovely XD
3. always give link to ichiya-yuka from frappe♥♥♥
27 July 2008 @ 03:10 pm
but I kinda wondering how I'm gonna promoting this community since all those icons are not my usual fandom u.u
sorry fr the crapiness. don't know why I have forgotten how to do icons u.u

don't worry, my school stuff just killing me for some moment :D it will back really soon~ oh, and I will make profile code, but just later~ XD
in case you are not realizing, I change the whole layout thing. banner will follow in suit~ :D

edit: I forget to upload some icons u.u they are my phail obviously, since my batch are not as much as usual u.u

quick: what fandom i should make? D:

✖ gundam SEED x02
✖ full moon wo sagashite x02
✖ shugo chara x01
✖ kobato x13
✖ d.grayman x01
✖ 5 centimeters per second x36


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