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♥♥ scent of frappucchino ♥♥

satisfy your livejournal appetite

frappucchino ♥
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anime/manga focused, give you thousand goodies graphic in LJ-ing mixing in delicious frappucchino! ♥

ichiya yuka | ruri | ziyan-san | kyuu | reikou


frappucchino is a community which makes livejournal goodies ♥ what is meant livejournal goodies are: profile codes, layouts, icons, banners, textures, etc or exactly you could say, anything regarding livejournal graphics! We try our hardest to provide you as many as graphics that we could probably make! for now, we have three waiters and chiefs as well to satisfy your appetite! ♥


These are who will provide and satisfy your request. Let's meet them, shall we?

YUKA → female. will be 15 years old soon. loves d.gray-man, vampire knight, and matantei loki ragnarok very much. icons maker. her design usually colorful, party and seemingly happy ♥ blue and also other warm colors are her favorite ♥
RURI → female. 14 going to 13 this year. her design tends to be soft looking even though could be party. she also loves to play around with color. flexible square s2 layout and more maker ♥. hikaru no go and gundam fangirl ♥
ZIYAN → female. coding layout is her specialty ♥ she tends to be colorful as well, and hazy backgrounds seemingly is her style ♥. And she loves shugo chara ♥<
KYUU → female. 25 years old ♥ ish artistic ♥♥ vampire knight, nabari no ou, wolf and spice, yaoi, and shojo mangas lovers ♥ Special designer on layouting, mood themes, icons, and fo banners ♥♥
REIKOU → female. 13 going to 14. author as well ♥ YAOI ish beloved fetish ♥♥♥♥ design tends to be super ubber neatly and delicious ♥♥ loves many animanga with MANY delicious guys. currently on katekyou hitman reborn! and la corda d'oro ♥♥

Since us still lack of waiters, WE OPENING JOB VACANCY AND WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL WE GET NEW WAITERS~ contact RURI via YM if you interested somehow ♥


Not much things we demand from you all, since we all just trying to serve you all ♥ we are amateurs, and our design probably still a bit not your liking ♥

∞ Don't hotlinking it from our server, please ♥ instead, upload it on your own

∞ Don't claim it as yours
∞ Credits not too much neccessary, but very very please do if you want to help us, because this shop is very small
∞ Credits to whoever make them (icons, layouts, profile codes, textures, etc.), either to the maker or frappucchino
∞ TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES ♥ We will tell you, if we make one ♥
∞ Leave a comment (tip) will make us really happy, please?
∞ Don't edit our graphics. We gladly will take request if you want to. So please don't, okay? or we will crying over night if you do
∞ Do you like what you see? why don't watch us? You will have an easier access to know our updates. And please don't join us except if you want to be one of waiters and you must contact RURI before doing so



∞ WE OPENING REQUESTS~! You could tell us to make anything you desire ♥ we will try our hardest to fulfill your request. Why we open request? Because we are a FRAPPUCCHINO SHOP and it will be our greatest pleasure to make sure you escape this shop with smiling face!